Work Life Safety Systems (WLSS) is an Adelaide based emergency management plans specialist. We design emergency plans for any type of business. From small offices to large manufacturers, construction sites to multi-storey buildings. We have helped hundreds of Adelaide and South Australian businesses develop and implement emergency plans to keep their workers safe.

The potential for loss and injury to life and damage to property as a result of an emergency can be disastrous. Workplaces must ensure they are prepared to handle emergency situations that may arise in their workplace.

  • WLSS can develop emergency management plans and procedures to ensure emergency preparedness that is:
  • Appropriate to the individual business
  • Implemented and all workers are trained
  • Effective and relevant
  • Monitored and tested regularly

WLSS’ skilled staff are able to develop all relevant services from an evacuation diagram to be displayed in your workplace, to a complete emergency management plan, including what to do in the event of a bushfire, for regional and remote business.

For more information on how WLSS can assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.