WLSS provides fire extinguisher testing in Adelaide and throughout South Australia.

Did you know fire extinguishers and other fire equipment must be serviced and tested regularly?

Did you know the supply, installation and servicing of fire equipment is not regulated in South Australia?

WHS laws require businesses to provide emergency equipment in the workplace. However, WLSS has found there is an alarming number of people installing, servicing and testing this life-saving equipment, who are not trained or qualified.

Why do I need my fire extinguisher tested?

The WHS Act requires workplaces to have fire protection and firefighting equipment. This equipment needs to be suitable for the hazards in your workplace. Also, it needs to be properly:

  • Installed;
  • Tested; and
  • Maintained

In addition, businesses must keep records of the testing results.

What type of fire extinguishers do I need in my workplace?

The type of fire-fighting equipment will depend on the hazards in your workplace. WLSS can visit your workplace and assess your fuel loads and hazards. We will then determine the most suitable fire-fighting equipment specific for your workplace.

Why use WLSS?

By using WLSS you will be protecting your business by engaging a company who:

  • Has staff who are fully licensed and trained, with nationally recognised certification
  • Provides the fire extinguisher testing services to meet the relevant Australian Standards
  • Provides applicable registers, documenting all tested items
  • Is a Bronze Member of the Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia and, through their Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme, (FPAS) we are a FPAS Recognised Business
  • Has current Certificates of Calibration for testing equipment
  • Has current Public/Products Liability Insurance

WLSS undertake all servicing of fire extinguishers and fire equipment to Australian Standards:

  • AS/NZS 1851 (Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment)
  • AS 2293 (Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings)

We also offer discounts to business who engage us for several of our services. This saves business time and money, as you only need to deal with one company for your WHS needs.

WLSS can develop a service schedule that combines both your fire equipment and electrical items.

If you require fire equipment testing or electrical testing and tagging, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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