We have helped many businesses in Adelaide with the management of their contractors and trades. We provide businesses with contractor management systems to ensure they are engaging with other businesses that are WHS compliant.

Businesses are not just responsible for providing a safe work environment for their workers, they also need to ensure that any trades and contractors engaged are safe.

One of the most important factors in contractor management is ensuring the subcontractors you are engaging a suitably licenced. A simple check you can undertake is:

To reduce the stress of sub-contracting and contractor management on businesses, WLSS is here to help, making the management of contractors simple.

WLSS offer a unique contractor management system that vets contractors to ensure they not only comply with WHS laws, but also meet any mandatory requirements for their industry. WLSS’ contractor management system provides business with information on their contractors in real-time.

WLSS has extensive experience helping South Australian businesses who engage numerous contractors on-site. Whether businesses engage a single contractor occasionally, or multiple contractors, working simultaneously on a large project or construction site, WLSS assist businesses to make the management of their contractors easy.

For more information on how WLSS can assist your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.