WLSS provides fire training to businesses in Adelaide and across South Australia. From induction services to specific training in fire extinguishers, including the identification of the most effective fire extinguisher for the type of fire, and their safe use.

Fires can be deadly, and the wrong type of extinguisher used on a fire, can be catastrophic.

WLSS’ purpose built trailer, with 20 operating extinguishers, has the capacity for all participants to engage in ‘hands on’ fire simulation training, boost their confidence and improve their competence in assessing and handling fire emergencies, all in a safe and controlled environment.

Importantly, this innovation brings fire training onsite in familiar surroundings. This results in cost-effective training, as there minimal downtime or travel for participants.

It is a clean solution to fire training. WLSS do not bring oil and other flammable materials to site that may result in a mess. Our flammables burn cleanly and the LPG used in the simulation, and CO2 extinguishers leave no residue, as preferred by the EPA.

WLSS’ fire training simulator is also a great team building exercise, which helped many South Australian businesses.

If you are based in Adelaide, or anywhere throughout South Australia, you should try our Fire Training program.